All clips in the spitting archive 12/2013

156596 - Fruit gum, dirt and lots of spit!

Only pre-chewed food is good enough for the slave. Bratty Jenny-Nina nibbles a few gummy bears and chews on them vigorously. She also spits them on the floor for the slave. He has to eat the pre-chewed and fully salivated fruit gums from the floor. To make his meal even more delicious, Bratty Jenny-Nina crushes them under her shoes and mixes the gummy bears with lots of dirt and another portion of her delicious, tasty spit!


26753 - You will lick up every drop of her spit!

Closely watch everything that lands on those sexy high heels. Lady Luciana bends over her shoes, purses her lips and lets her spit drip down onto the high heels. Hurry up and lick it off before it runs off them! You have a lot to do as Lady Luciana keeps spitting on her black high heels. You watch her sexy spit run over the surface and try to lick it all off with your tongue and catch every drop. Lady Luciana snacks on some fruit gums that only increase her salivation. You eat what she gives you! Anything that misses, you lick off the floor! Every drop of her spit and every pre-chewed fruit gum you will lick up and eat. Show her what you've got!