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184205 - NICOLE and PAMELA - We'll show you your place, loser! (HD)

This loser charlie has been writing to Nicole and Pamela on social media for a long time.. he found their contacts and begged them to let him worship their feet. Today the girls decided to have fun with him. They called him and promised him that he could lick their feet. charlie ran to them very quickly in the hope of worshiping their feet all day. But Nicole and Pamela deceived him. When charlie came in, they ordered him to strip naked and kneel down. The girls started spitting on the floor and ordered him to lick up their spit! The loser was very ashamed .. he crawled naked at the feet of the girls and licked their drool from the floor. "Look at you and us! Do you think you deserve to worship our feet? LOL! Stupid idiot!" - The girls scoffed at the loser. Nicole and Pamela walked into the room and charlie kissed the floor they walked on. "You're not a man! You stinky whore! Now we'll show you your place!" Pamela said and the girls laughed. They took makeup and started painting the face of the loser.. charlie expected not to be treated like that at all.. They made a whore out of him and continued to spit in his face.. When the girls missed spitting, the idiot licked their drool from the floor. Nicole and Pamela then used the dumbass as a human ashtray. You should not write to girls on social networks about foot fetish, otherwise you may receive the same treatment!