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186978 - BIANCA and NELLY - Spitted, wrinkled, old whore face (HD)

Bianca and Nelly have fun with their old slave monica. They decided to spit on her wrinkled and ugly face .. monica knelt down in front of her young Mistresses .. Bianca is gaining saliva and spits relish in the face of a miserable slave! Nelly laughs and supports her friend. She pours a jet of her saliva right on the face of the old woman. monica faithfully sits and receives the spitting and ridicule of the girls. The girls drooling from the face of the whore to the floor.. they ordered the slave to hold the plate so that their drool accumulated on it. "LOL! Ugly old woman! My stepmother is younger than you! Do you like snot?" - Asked Bianca and the girls began to blow their noses into napkins. They pushed napkins with snot into the slave's mouth and laughed at her insignificance. Then Bianca and Nelly dipped monica's face into a bowl of their saliva. Wow, Disgusting! The old woman's face was completely covered with the girls' saliva. Nelly took a plate and poured the rest of her saliva onto the face of pathetic monica.