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186686 - RADA - Next time you won't forget to clean the toilet (HD)

In the evening, Rada noticed that her slave adele was sitting idle. She decided to have some fun and sat her big ass on the face of a pathetic slave. adele inhaled the scent into her Mistress' ass and pushed her nose as deep as she could. It was already evening and Rada decided that she needed to go to bed soon. Before going to bed, she needed to brush her teeth. Rada went to the toilet to brush her teeth and ordered the slave to crawl with her. She spits toothpaste on adele's face and notices that the toilet is dirty. "Stupid whore! Have you been sitting around when the toilet is dirty? Clean it!" - Rada shouted at the slave. The slave, frightened took out her tongue and began to polish the dirty toilet bowl with it. "Ugh, you pathetic creature! You stink like a pig! Wash your face and now you will brush your nasty teeth!" - Rada said. adele washed her face with toilet water. Rada gave her a toilet brush and ordered her to use it as a toothbrush.