All clips in the spitting archive 07/2014

27023 - A Lot Of Two Mistresses Saliva In Your Slave Mouth - POV Spitting Femdom Close-up

Two dominant girlfriends Kira and Sofi met you in the park and spit on your mouth and your face. A lot of delicious close-up saliva that fills your open mouth because of the continuous spitting from two young Mistresses. Sofi and Kira humiliate you with gestures showing what a small dick you have and that you are a loser. Daring girls spit at you with both sharp powerful spitting and stretching saliva slowly releasing it from their mouth into your mouth. (At the end of the video, Mistresses spit on the camera lens so that you feel the maximum effect of femdom POV spitting humiliation).


157549 - Swallow It Loser

 You know how unworthy you are of a hot Goddess like me.The only way you can even be allowed to be here is to swallow my spit and drool.That's all your worthy of, my spit,loser!


157538 - Offenbach Mean Chicks - Ugly, Uglier, You

According to Darwin's theory Survival of the Fittest ugliness should have died out. For centuries, women have tried to tolerate only beautiful men in this world through sexual selection. Ugly dorks should have died out through this natural selection, yet they still exist. At this point Lady Stefanie, Madame Svea, Miss Catdeluxe and Reell come into play and grab these still roaming little genetic defects.