All clips in the spitting archive 02/2016

27434 - Loser humiliated with nylons and spit

I drag the slave into the room on his leash and present him to Lady Nora - today we'll humiliated him together! First, I write LOSER on his forehead - not that there's any confusion about what he is ... then we start spitting all over his face and he has to start licking our sexy shoes! Of course, we spit on our shoes a couple of times as well to make it even more humiliating! Then I grab a pair of well worn, stinky Nylons and pull them over his head - and he looks even more ridiculous than before ... and we continue to spit all over his face again. The nylon fabric gets soaked in our spit and he'll wear this disgusting mask of foot sweat and spit for the rest of the day!