All clips in the spitting archive 08/2014

157510 - Spittle licker, clean her spat on soles!

You, spittle licker, have the great honor of licking Goddess Yasemin's spit from her shoes! You clean her boot soles and free them from dirt. Goddess Yasemin helps you with the cleaning by spitting on her shoes to make them properly wet! She spits and YOU lick it off! It's as simple as that. But you have to show her your tongue when her spit is on it, just waiting to be swallowed down...


183362 - A Lot Of Two Mistresses Saliva In Your Slave Mouth - POV Spitting Femdom Close-up

Two dominant girlfriends Kira and Sofi met you in the park and spit on your mouth and your face. A lot of delicious close-up saliva that fills your open mouth because of the continuous spitting from two young Mistresses. Sofi and Kira humiliate you with gestures showing what a small dick you have and that you are a loser. Daring girls spit at you with both sharp powerful spitting and stretching saliva slowly releasing it from their mouth into your mouth. (At the end of the video, Mistresses spit on the camera lens so that you feel the maximum effect of femdom POV spitting humiliation).