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27362 - Bondaged Guy's Mouth Is An Ashray and Spittoon For Two Smoking Mistresses - Spitting Femdom

What the first thing two girls want to do when they see a guy lying tied up with a bandage over his eyes - ordinary girls might want to untie him and ask what happened, but this is not about Kira and Sofi. For two narcissistic and bitchy girlfriends, this is an opportunity to freely mock and humiliate this shackled guy. Therefore, Sofi and Kira decided to turn this guy's mouth into a human spittoon, and since they also smoked, they also turned into a human ashtray at the same time. Kira sat down near the head of the enslaved guy, and Sofi sat on his chest, so the Mistresses began to fill the slave's mouth with their saliva and cigarette ash from both sides. Dominant girls continuously spit in the slave's mouth and on his face and throw the ashes from two cigarettes into his mouth as well, putting out the cigarette butts in him.