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27540 - Group POV Spitting and POV Human Ashtray Femdom From Three Mistresses - Kira, Agma and Juice

An experienced dominant girl Kira in the company of the returned Mistress Agma who has another girlfriend Mistress Juice - the three of them spit in your mouth and in your face, and also shake off cigarette ash from their cigarettes on you like a human ashtray. Right from the start, Mistress Kira orders you to kneel before the three Goddesses and open your mouth. After you followed these short and clear orders, spit from three different girls immediately flew into your mouth, from which your mouth is rapidly filled with the saliva of narcissistic smoking bitches. Although Mistress Juice is new to this group, she really liked the idea of ​​humiliating you with spitting and covering you with their saliva from the first seconds, so she spits impressively large clots of saliva at you. Daring girls randomly either use you as a human ashtray or as a human spittoon aggressively humiliating the group. Then you were ordered to go even lower and bow to the dirty socks of Kira, Agma and Juice, you must smell and kiss them. At the end, the three Mistresses spat in your mouth in unison and finished humiliating you.