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183529 - BIANCA and CAROLINE - We have a lot of saliva for you! (4K)

This old slut monica is tired of us.. Me and my friend Caroline ordered her to worship our feet.. but she is so boring.. We decide to stir up this old woman a little.. We spits on the floor and this idiot crawls and licks our spit! hahaha.. this is so funny! She does it with gusto.. like she enjoys our drool. Well, okay. Today we are kind and full glasses of our saliva are waiting for her! LOL!..Bianca..


183481 - PAMELA - Sandwich and cocktail for a whore (HD)

This whore avril is very gluttonous.. I feed her once a day and she is always hungry. Well, now I'll feed her. A great sandwich awaits her with my saliva and ashes. lol. Look how eagerly she eats.. hahaha.. does she really taste good? This sandwich needs to be washed down and I will make a wonderful cocktail for her! I'll add my boyfriend's cum, cigarette ends and my drool to it. mmm.. yummy..Pamela..