All clips in the spitting archive 03/2021

186774 - Lick the spit off her shoes

You think you're tough? Mistress Zora tests where your limit is and spits hard on her leather shoes. Lick that up! Her spit is precious and not a single drop should be wasted. You think that's disgusting? OK! Lick her shoes clean and swallow her spit. Do it properly, otherwise Mistress Zora will make you do it. See the spit on the floor? Mistress Zora steps in and pulls long spit threads under her soles. Stick your tongue between them and lick up this disgusting soup of spit!


161468 - Best Spitting Vol.1

Did you say Femdom ? This video is fully dedicated to one of the most intense, degrading, humiliating, filthy and insane Femdom action we have shot in our videos,: Nothing but full hour of saliva with several beautiful girls spitting all over Cucciolo's face, mouth or ejecting their saliva on the floor and on their boots, to ****** him to lick their drool to establish (if need still be) their Superiority.In this outrageous film you won't miss a single second of all the spitting actions we have made in all our videos. For all the spitting fans this is the video they were waiting for, while for the others.....well, they'll need a strong stomach to be able to watch this movie!