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186510 - We Spitting On Your Ugly Face And In Your Slave Mouth! Group Spit Humiliation Lezdom

Catchy dominant girlfriends Kira, Jucy and Agma lured the naive Subby BB to their place by telling her that there will be a party for girls. But when the obedient girl came, a surprise awaited her - instead of having fun on the same level with other girls, she received only dirty humiliations from them. The bitchy girls Jucy, Agma and Kira tied the enslaved girl to the iron posts in a kneeling position and mercilessly began to spit in her frightened face, covering it with three different types of saliva. The malevolent girlfriends of the dominant taunt the humiliated girl, exhale cigarette smoke in her face, spit both on her face and in her open mouth. By the end of the entertainment of the three Mistresses, the enslaved girl Subby BB was covered in their saliva. Kira, Jucy, and Agma left, leaving the severely humiliated slave girl tied up with her tormentor's spitting down her face.