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187091 - RADA - Lick my spit off the floor you filthy worm (HD)

"Now I'll help you mop the floor!" - Said Rada to her slave adele. Rada ordered the slave to crawl behind her feet like a worm. adele lay down, crawled to Rada and tried to kiss her feet. As soon as adele crawled up to her, Rada immediately took a step back and spat on the floor. The slave licked her spit from the floor and thanked her for it. "The floor must be clean .. now we will wash it together!" - Rada had fun and continued to spit on the floor. adele licked Rada's every spit while she laughed at her. After that, Rada ordered to lick off all the dust that she had collected with her soles. The slave pulled out her tongue and began to carefully lick Rada's dusty feet.