115211 - 057 Princess Bertie SPITTING DOMINATION

The poor slave was obedient the whole day. Before leaving Mistress Bertie left a whole list of works that her slave must fulfill. The guy cleaned everywhere, licked all the shoes of the Mistress, cooked dinner. When Bertie came home, she was very thrilled with such cleanliness. She stroked the slave on the head and decided to reward him. She asked "What do you want as a reward, doggie?" - and stroked his cheeks. The slave said that he wanted a sweet saliva of his beloved Mistress. Bertie thought a little and agreed. She walked him on a leash into the bedroom. She had a great idea! She took underwater glasses and began to spit in them. Then she put it on the guy. The girl smiled, lit a cigarette, and began to pour the guy with her saliva. The slave was very happy and was pleased to get drooling right on his face.

115211 - 057 Princess Bertie  SPITTING DOMINATION