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120601 - Spitting & Footworship

Miss Lilly Malbert tortures her slave under her feet. She gets her feet licked clean and she spits in his face. With her wonderful feet, she rubs her spit in the face of the foot slave. The slave has to lick the spit from her bare feet. Again and again Miss Lilly spits in his face. She humiliates him and laughs at him.

120601 - Spitting & Footworship

94540 - Lick the spit off my sweaty socks

Miss Vanny lets her slave lick her spit off her sweaty socks. She sits down on him and first forces him to lick the shoes thoroughly. Again and again she spits on her socks and then rubs her socks through his face. She screams at him again and again: tongue out! ... licking! ... swallow! ... in the meantime, she laughs at him.

94540 - Lick the spit off my sweaty  socks