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206796 - Degradation Of A Detestable Slave With Spitting From Four Mistresses

Tattooed bitchy girls in rubber dresses endlessly spit on the face and mouth of the detestable slave. Three Mistresses Kira, Sofi, Agma invited their lesbian slave Pitiful Sl to become the fourth Mistress to humiliate the slave guy. Pitiful Sl happily agreed to be the Mistress for a male slave and now four Goddesses stand over one slave who knelt before them and is ready to endure any of their humiliation. The sadistic girls immediately started spitting into the slave's mouth. But soon Kira noticed that this loser had a too ugly face and she wanted it to be completely covered with the saliva of four Mistresses, so the girls began to spit on his face and hair. To increase the humiliation of the loser, the Mistresses ordered that he also thank them for spitting on his face and mouth, because for him it is an honor to be spat on by such Goddesses.