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201194 - Spitting And Smoking Humiliation Group Lezdom In Public Place

Three bitchy girlfriends - Agma, Sofi and Jucy went out onto the common balcony of a multi-storey building to smoke. As soon as the girls entered the balcony, they saw that one girl was already standing there and smoking. Sofi said that this was her former classmate and she has a very interesting hobby - she likes to obey girls. Without hesitation, three dominant girls approached the lonely smoking girl and suddenly ordered her to kneel before them. The sadistic girl in leather told the submissive girl to extend her hand - now her palm will be an ashtray for three Mistresses. But this was only a small part of the humiliations that the slave girl had to endure. Because Mistress Sofi suddenly spat in the submissive bitch’s face with a large clot of saliva which immediately completely stained the slave girl’s face. Agma and Jucy also began to spit in the face of the humiliated lesbian. A humiliated slave girl sits in the corner with her outstretched hand in which there is saliva and a bunch of cigarette butts that three sadistic girls put there, her face and hair are completely smeared with the spit of three different Mistresses so much that saliva runs down her face and drips into her palm. In addition, the girls verbally humiliate the slave girl, and Mistress Sofi even ordered the slave to put her palm on the floor, and Sofi stood on it with her boots and began to press it into the floor, humiliating the bitch.